Activated Charcoal seems to be making a big splash in the Health and Beauty sector. It’s been common knowledge for some time that activated charcoal has had internal benefits, and can be used in purification. But lately it has become more influential in the skin care world.

I have been using activated charcoal for a while now in my soaps. I love them, but wanted to know what other benefits could be gained from activated charcoal skin care products. If activated charcoal can purify my water and whiten my teeth, what other magic awaits?

Thus began my journey into the fabulous world of face masks.

I started out researching a few simple face mask recipes. Enlisted my then 16 year old daughter to volunteer as tribute, and the fun and mixing began!
Obviously, not every recipe was a match made in heaven, there were some definite fails! Particularly one recipe that I swear was a much stronger version of concrete…anyhoo, live and learn!

But then we did start hitting on recipes that worked! Face masks that left our skin feeling soft and smooth and feeling great! And with a little tweaking of our own, began making progress.

Activated Charcoal is capable of removing bacteria, toxins, oils, and dead skin. So basically, it takes away all the gunk you desperately do NOT want on your skin. The light grit it causes also makes for some amazing face scrubs as well. It can do wonders for exfoliating!

So what ended up being the magic mix? Well, surprisingly our favorite ended up being one of the simplest. The magical partner ended up being Bentonite Clay.

Known for it’s amazing healing properties it’s a perfect fit to couple with activated charcoal.

In a study that was funded by Public Health Service grant AT003618 from the National Institutes of Health to L.B.W. and S.E.H. and an ASU research initiatives grant to S.E.H, quotes that clays have antibacterial properties that may restrain bacteria.

Bentonite clay is full of nutrients like copper, silica, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, which is absorbed by your body. You are literally getting your vitamins from the outside in! Okay, maybe that’s not it exactly, but it is absorbed into your skin allowing your skin to reap all the amazing benefits.

So what does all that equal? The perfect pimple-fighting powerhouse!

It’s no wonder so many users with psoriasis, or rosacea, or acne all claim they see and feel a difference when using these products on their skin.
Historically, both of these items were common items used to treat numerous ailments. From poisoning, to rashes and cuts there were some of the women and mothers of the past’s go-to items.

I love that nature provides everything we need. If it didn’t do you really think human civilization would have made it all these years without modern medicine? I seriously doubt it, although modern medicine would not want you to think about that too hard.

I personally love knowing that from meals, to skincare, I can provide myself, my family, and now others with amazing products that do not pump them full of mystery items, toxins, and poisons.

Now, please don’t think I’m one of those totally opposed to the healthcare system. I’m not. I actually work in the healthcare field. But, I do think that we forget the benefits of what nature has already provided for us.

So, if you’d like to try an amazing face mask that will actually feed your skin, head on over here and check out our face masks!