Why You Should Be Choosing Handmade Soaps

Why You Should Be Choosing Handmade Soaps

Why You Should Be Choosing Handmade Soaps

There has been a tremendous shift in consumer choice about soaps in the past decade. Many consumers have switched to handmade soaps and now prefer it to commercial soap. This happened because more and more people are now caring for their well-being and skin health. In essence, consumers have become largely informed now. According to Statistica, around 70% of Americans opt for naturally-made skincare. Handmade soaps are actually way better than commercial ones.

Handmade soaps are not only naturally powered; they please the eyes and mind as well. After all, they are induced with the soothing nurture of the human hands. That is why; they have become essential in optimal skincare.

For the same reason, the organic handmade soap market is drastically expanding. In fact, it is all set to become a $383.4 million market by the year 2025, with a CAGR of 8.1%.

Wondering, what are the reasons behind this shift in consumer choice! Honestly, for all the right reasons. Below, we will walk you through the reasons why informed consumers are now switching to handmade. Let us find out.

  1. Made with Natural Ingredients

In handmade soaps, you will not find any harmful ingredients that can affect your overall well-being. Commercial soaps contain things such as parabens that can disrupt normal hormonal functioning and can cause breast cancer. Handmade soaps are made of natural ingredients such as more organic fats, distilled water, and essential oils. You will not find any complicated names in the short ingredient list of handmade soaps.

  1. Help to Retain Skin Oils

Commercial soaps can leave your skin deprived of natural skin oils. On the other hand, handmade soaps lock the natural oils in your skin. This retention leads to a natural glow and soft skin. This way, handmade soaps are compatible with all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.

  1. Ace at Moisturizing

Handmade soaps ace at moisturizing! Because they are made of naturally nourishing ingredients. That means there is absolutely no chance of dryness or itchy skin. Moreover, handmade soaps help to retain the pH level of the skin. It helps with the retention of natural glycerin of the skin. As a result, your skin remains and stays healthy. Plus, optimal and regular moisturizing is integral in keeping the skin younger. Overall the skin remains hydrated.

  1. Good for the Mother Nature!

Commercial soaps affect nature in many ways. They have a big carbon footprint. Most commercial soaps claim to have anti-bacterial properties are excessively harmful to aquatic life. Moreover, the plastic packaging of the commercial soaps is another major factor.

Now, it is not a good thing on the part of consumers who actually encourage such soaps. That is why; informed consumers that think green prefer to use handmade soaps. Handmade soap makers such as Aleesa Soaps follow ethical practices. All the ingredients are natural, locally, and responsibly sourced.

When consumers purchase handmade soaps, they encourage ethical labor practices as well.

  1. Induced with Natural Scents

This is truly a cherry on the top kind of thing. Handmade soaps are induced with natural essential and scent oils. That is why; handmade soaps are extensively used in Aromatherapy. On the other hand, commercial soaps are loaded with chemically made and alcoholic fragrant solutions.

If you like to avail the actual benefits of handmade soaps, head over to Aleesa Soaps now! You can get your hands on handmade and natural skincare products.

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