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All You Need To Know About Exfoliation

Are you obsessed with skincare products? Do you wish to know about the best skincare regimen that will suit your skin type?

Nowadays, taking care of your skin and yourself has become a top priority for many. Keeping this in mind, we have brought the best exfoliating soaps and scrubs for you to help your skin look the best.

Many people do not even consider scrubs in their normal skincare routine. For several years it was a myth that scrubbing your skin would lead to dermal abrasions and other skin problems. However, it has now been proven that scrubbing your body is indeed essential and needed for your skin. We will be discussing this with you so you can also start with body scrubbing before it’s too late!

Another Word For Scrubbing: Exfoliation

We have used the word scrubbing in the text above multiple times. However, the scientific and more appropriate word for scrubbing is exfoliating.

The word exfoliation simply refers to getting rid of dead skin cells on your body. The shedding process takes place in layers or scales.

As fascinating as it may sound, the process exfoliation is natural in many cases. Our skin does it itself. It grows continually, and as the layers underneath grow, the older layers shed off. In this way, our skin removes almost 40,000 dead skin cells each minute.

To make things interesting for you, it takes about a month for the skin that has formed underneath to reach the most superficial part of your skin and be sloughed off.

The process that takes care of your skin cell turnover is referred to as desquamation.

If the body has a natural process of removing dead skin cells, then what’s the need for body scrubs and exfoliating soaps?

Well, as easy as it may sound, the process of desquamation is not so simple. Anything which does not let this process occur smoothly tends to slow down the process. Thus, your dead skin cells start to build up, which makes your skin look dull and dry.

To achieve younger-looking and glowing skin, you have to exfoliate regularly. It is especially important nowadays due to the pollution and excessively harmful pollutants that are present in the modern-day, industrialized environment.

Once you exfoliate, it gives you the following benefits.

  • Cell turnover is enhanced

  • Pores are unclogged

  • Deeper penetration of moisturizers and serums

  • Brightens the skin

  • Adds glow

It is important to keep in mind that exfoliating your skin is important regardless of your skin type. Scrubbing will aid in strengthening your skin, whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or mature.

The Benefits Of Exfoliation

It is worth mentioning that the main purpose of exfoliation is not to get rid of all the dead skin cells. The top layer of your skin is dead, but that does not mean that we should consider it to be useless.

The dead cells on our skin are called “corneocytes.” These stick tightly to each other to form a mechanical barrier against germs and other infections. They also play a critical role in locking moisture into the skin so that our skin looks hydrated and supple.

When we start exfoliation, we are removing the build-up of excess dead skin cells. The process is often faster for people as they age because the cell turnover becomes slower.

There are various ways in which exfoliating the skin helps.

Reduce Pores That Appear Larger

Exfoliating helps in removing the gunk that leads the pores to get clogged, which causes them to appear larger in size.

Improving Your Skin Texture

Getting rid of old, tired, and excess dead skin cells helps to speed up the process of skin renewal. This gives your skin a fresher and healthier look.

Transform Your Dull Skin Into Glowing Skin

Exfoliation paired with a gentle skin massage enhances blood circulation that brings more oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin surface. Moreover, dead skin cells have uneven refraction of light, which contributes towards a duller looking skin.

Moisturizers And Serum Penetrate Better

When you have layers of dead skin cells building up Over a long period of time, the dirt on the skin surface interferes with the normal absorption of moisturizers and serums.

Decrease The Signs Of Aging

As we age, so does our skin. Once you have an aged skin, the dead cell skin causes buildup, which leads to your skin to have dryer patches.

Reduce Pimples And Acne Breakouts

If you have acne-prone skin and you think exfoliation is not for you, then you may be wrong. Acne-prone skin tends to create a greater number of dead skin cells than any other skin type. Since you are not scrubbing off your dead skin cells using exfoliating soaps, it starts to layer over your healthy skin.

Before you even know it, the cellular debris resulting from dead skin cells coupled with excessive oil causes an invasion of bacteria and starts to form acne and blemishes.

How To Exfoliate

Now that we have discussed the importance of exfoliating, let’s briefly discuss how we can exfoliate. We have several different products to help you exfoliate.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy-acid (naturally) and these help maintain your skins natural oils to stay balanced. Sugar scrubs cleanse your skin and prevent toxins from attacking your skin cells. Our sugar scrubs are perfect for either your face or body. You can choose from our larger 8oz jar, or the smaller 4oz jar.

Lip Scrubs

Our lips are at all immune to the build up of dead skin cells and can benefit greatly with a gentle lip scrub.

Exfoliating Soaps

A good exfoliating soap can be a wonderful thing! We have an Oatmeal and Honey bar that provides gentle exfoliating while still nourishing your skin. For tougher areas like heels and feet, we have an exfoliating black bar that contains coconut carbon and activated charcoal to get the job done.

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