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Help! What's in my Soap???

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So what’s really in your soap?

Is your soap really soap? If you’re buying your soap from a retail chain, or your local super market, odds are good you are not actually buying soap. What you really have is a synthetic detergent...and it’s more than likely loaded with ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Look at the label...it probably says “beauty bar”, cleansing bar” or “deodorizing bar”.

If it doesn’t clearly say SOAP...then it’s not soap.

Commercial soaps are loaded with cheap chemicals and fillers used to harden the bars and make them last longer. Why did this happen? What happened to real soap that our grandparents and generations before them were accustomed to? Well, simply. Industry, and the need to produce with readily available products on demand. After WWI soap suppliers were faced with a shortage or readily available natural products...so they turned to using new technology! They began creating their products with synthetic materials. Hence, synthetic detergents were born.

Detergents made in this way tend to be harsher on the skin. Have you ever noticed how once you get out of the shower, you immediately need to apply lotion to counteract the dry skin you now have? This is because of the ingredients used in commercials soaps. Handmade soaps use natural oils and ingredients allowing for a much gentler experience on your skin.

It’s not just what is put into the soaps that matters, but also about what is not taken out! Commercial soaps remove the glycerin from their soaps and sell it at a large profit to expensive cosmetic companies. You know that fancy eye serum? Yeah that has glycerin that was removed from natural soap. Why does this matter? Because of the huge benefits glycerin has for your skin! According to a 2008 Study Glycerin can:

  • hydrate the outer layer of the skin

  • improve skin barrier function and skin mechanical properties

  • provide protection against skin irritants

  • accelerate wound-healing processes

And according to a 2016 Study, glycerin is “the most effective humectant” in comparison with numerous others, including:

Handmade soaps leave all the skin loving glycerin in your bar to pass all those benefits on to your skin.

Our soaps in particular use a large amount of Shea Butter. Another product that has been researched and has been found to have numerous skin benefits! According to a study done in 2017, Shea Butter has both Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant properties when used topically!

Check out the chart below to compare for yourself the ingredients used in one of our bars versus the ingredients listed on a bar of Dove. And Dove is marketed as being mild for the skin, and thought to be “conditioning”

Of course, we are partial to handmade, but this breakdown does make it easier to see what the fuss is about, and why so many people are starting to gravitate back to a more natural approach to their daily beauty routine.

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